Performance Lab Vision is considered a top-quality formula for anyone looking to enhance their visual acuity and eye health in general.

But like any other supplement, Performance Lab Vision can be linked to a number of potential side effects.

Worth noting, however, is that this product is largely safe. We are yet to come across any complaints about its safety, efficacy, or even undesired effects.

This is possibly because it contains safe amounts of eye-health-enhancing ingredients. Plus, it’s manufactured by an FDA and GMP-certified company – OptiNutra.

Disclaimer: This is by no means medical advice. The article is not written by a medical doctor but by a passionate science researcher and academician. Please consult a licensed medical doctor before incorporating any dietary supplement into your schedule.

Performance Lab Vision side effects

The Risk of Side Effects with Performance Lab Vision

The risk of experiencing side effects when consuming Performance Lab Vision is extremely low. In fact, you’re likely to have a smooth experience using it provided you stick to the recommended dosage.

That said, undesired effects may be experienced if one exceeds the recommended dosage. Also, one should avoid mixing this or any other supplement with medically prescribed drugs without consulting the doctor.

(1) Yellowing of Skin

This eye health supplement contains Zeaxanthin. Although this is largely a safe natural ingredient, individuals with fair skin may develop skin yellowing if they exceed the recommended maximum daily dosage of Zeaxanthin (source).

The mad dosage for Zeaxanthin is 10mg. A typical dosage of Performance Lab Vision contains 2mg of it meaning it has a really huge margin of safety from this side effect.

(2) Potential to Slow Blood Clotting

This eye supplement also comprises ingredients like European blackcurrant extract, European bilberry extract, and European freeze-dried blackcurrant. 

All these ingredients are considered to be safe. However, black currant can slow blood clotting. Therefore, blackcurrant supplements are not recommended for individuals about to have surgery or those with bleeding disorders.

Also, blackcurrant may slow blood clotting if mixed with medicine like ibuprofen and aspirin (source). 

How Safe is Performance Lab Vision for Vegans?

Performance Lab Vision is vegan-friendly. This is because it is made without soy, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, fish, peanut, and other allergens.

Another reason why this supplement is considered free from any serious side effects is that it is gluten-free. On top of that, it is non-GMO, does not contain caffeine, synthetic additives, artificial colors, and preservatives. 

Should I Take Performance Lab Vision?

Yes. Overall, this is a highly safe product for both regular and daily use. Besides, we are yet to come across any confirmed complaints or side effects linked to it.

 More so, the supplement uses pure and potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately in line with scientific research.

The important thing is to stick to the recommended dosage if you want to avoid any undesired effects. 

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