She has graced our screens for over three decades and seen her star rise brighter and brighter over time. And as you have probably heard by now, Mila Kunis has two differently colored eyes – a condition she wasn’t born with but one she has embraced in her own unique ways.

In case this is the first time you’re learning about people with color differences of the eyes, here’s what you need to know.

It’s a medical condition that’s commonly referred to as heterochromia iridum. The eyes appear differently-colored because of differences in the pigments that make up the thin annular structure that surrounds the pupil (otherwise called the iris).

In a 2022 article appearing in the Journal of Optometry, scientists reported that they observed the condition in 7 cases out of 11,111 photos they processed (1). In a nutshell, the Mila Kunis eye color phenomenon is so rare and so unique that it warrants an even closer look. Read on.

The Color of Mila Kunis Eyes Explained

Mila Kunis pictured in an article about her eye color

Mila Kunis has a green left eye and a brown right one, a publication on Condé Nast’s Glamour website reports.

When the renowned actress was born in 1983, she had normal eyes. However, along the way, she developed a condition called chronic iritis that caused her to develop blindness in one eye.

The voice of Meg Griffin on popular sitcom Family Guy reportedly underwent an eye surgery in 2010 that helped reverse the blindness.

And while this surgery made the heterochromia less noticeable (and restored her sight), those with a keen eye can still spot it.

How This Condition Has Affected Her Career

Interestingly, what might have initially seemed like a major setback to her budding acting career eventually turned out to be a major boost when she needed to stand out from the pack.

Worth noting, however, is that Mila is one confident actress and she knows how to handle her private stuff with grace.

She spent her teen years with a blind eye without anyone even knowing it for she never made a big deal about it.

In fact, she took most people by surprise when she confirmed her eye surgery in 2010 and that one of her eyes had been blind all along in an interview with the Cosmopolitan magazine (2).

Generally, celebrities with unique appearances seem to have somewhat of an edge in Hollywood and Mila Kunis seems to have partly benefited from that as well.

That said, there’s no denying that her great talent and versatility are the key drivers to her illustrious career.


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Something Noteworthy About Kunis’ Eye Color

While some people like Christopher Walken have patches of different colors on their irises, Mila Kunis eyes are uniformly and evenly colored. Her right eye is entirely brown in color and her right one is green in color.

Chances are that changes in the color of one of her irises was caused by the inflammation typical of chronic iritis.

Chronic inflammation can lead to pigment loss causing a change of eye color. Worth noting is that, dark brown is the natural color of melanin – a color known for its enhanced abilities to absorb varying amounts of light.

Keeping that in mind, it is likely that Mila Kunis was originally born with two dark brown eyes but one of them turned green due to a loss of pigmentation due to the chronic infection she faced while growing up. But then, that’s just an observation and only Mila Kunis herself or her optometrist can confirm that.



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