Good eyesight is important. However, your risk of developing an eye disease tends to increase as you get older. 

It could be due to macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or even cataracts. The good news? With a healthy diet and the right supplementation, you can preserve your eyes’ power for longer. 

Talking about supplementation, you probably have come across the debate between two popular eye formulas, PreserVision versus Ocuvite. We delved deeper into this conversation and here are some observations we made.

PreserVision compared to Ocuvite from Bausch + Lomb

PreserVision or Ocuvite – What They Really Are

Both products are nutritional supplements formulated to support ocular health. The formulas are made by the same company called BAUSCH + LOMB.

Also, it is worth mentioning that these two supplements are available over-the-counter. 

However, while they are designed to support eye health, they don’t work similarly. This is because Ocuvite is a simple multivitamin while PreserVision is an AREDS 2 patented formula. That said, let’s look at how the two products compare to each other. 

Ingredient List

Like we have already mentioned, PreserVision is an AREDS2 formula. This means that it contains the same level of nutrients recommended by the National Eye Institute (NEI) to help reduce AMD progression. 

The actual AREDS 2 formula by the NEI comprises: (1)

  • Vitamin C – 500 mg
  • Vitamin E – 400 IU
  • Copper (cupric oxide) – 2 mg
  • Lutein – 10 mg
  • Zeaxanthin – 2 mg
  • Zinc – 80 mg

These are the same ingredients present in the PreserVision formula and in the same quantities (2).

Ocuvite, on the other hand, is a uniquely formulated multivitamin with seven vital nutrients to protect your eyes (3). These nutrients include 

  • Lutein – 5mg 
  • Zeaxanthin – 1mg
  • Vitamin E – 20mg
  • Vitamin C – 150mg
  • Copper – 1mg
  • Zinc – 9mg

As you can see, Ocuvite has got lower ingredient concentrations compared to PreserVision. This is only to mean that it might not be as potent as the AREDS 2 formula (at least on paper). 

What Are They Used For?

PreserVision AREDS 2 comprises a unique combination of both vitamins and minerals that are recommended by NEI. As such, this formula can be used by people with moderate-to-advanced AMD (4).

Ocuvite, on the other hand, is a multivitamin. And since it does not contain the AREDS 2 recommended ingredients (or quantities), we suppose that Bausch + Lomb designed it for mild situations.

Usage & Recommended Dosage

According to the official website, one should take 2 soft gels daily with food. You can take one in the morning and the other one in the evening. Also, you must swallow the gels with food because some of its key ingredients are fat-soluble. 

As far as Ocuvite is concerned, you just take 1 soft gel daily with a full glass of water in the morning. You must take the supplement during meal times for better absorption into the body. 

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Packaging Options

The PreserVision formula is available in three main packaging options to choose from. There is the AREDS 2 patented formula containing 120 soft gels and the AREDS 2 chewable. Lastly, they have the AREDS 2 + Multivitamin, a 2-in-1 formula containing 100 soft gels. 

When it comes to Ocuvite, you can choose from 4 product options. These include Ocuvite Eye Performance, Ocuvite Blue Light, Ocuvite Adult 50+, and Ocuvite Eye Health Gummies.

NB: Product range may change from time to time as the manufacturer invents new formulations.


If buying PreserVision, a bottle containing 120 soft gels goes for $25 or simply $0.21 per count on Amazon.

For Ocuvite, a bottle with only 50 soft gels will cost you $11.46 or $0.23 per count if you buy on Amazon. 

So, overall, PreserVision appears to be a little cheaper compared to Ocuvite. 

Bottom Line – Which is Better Between PreserVision and Ocuvite? 

The two formulas are made by the same eye experts and with proven ingredients. However, since their ingredient concentration is not the same, the best one depends on your needs.

For instance, PreserVision is best suited for individuals with moderate to advanced AMD. Ocuvite, on the other hand, supports the general health of your eyes.

As usual, always consult your doctor before trying out new supplements.



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    1. Kerry J.K

      According to the product’s supplement facts, Bausch + Lamb Areds 2 contains 40mg or Zinc per soft gel. Yet the company recommends taking 2 soft gels per day. If you stick to the recommended dosage (of 2 soft gels), you’ll end up with 80mg of zinc per day. And we agree, that’s way above the recommended UL.


    I will continue with PreserVision because is the Best for AMD.
    My Dr. prescribed Thera Tears for Dry Eyes
    Is anything better than that for AMD ?

    1. Kerry J.K

      We recommend sticking to your doctor’s advice and consulting them before making a switch though. Best regards.

  2. Peggy G

    After almost a year of taking PreserVision Areds 2 on the recommendation of my optometrist after cataract surgery, I ended up with one of the major side effects, stomach problems. I’m slowly recovering from that after I quit taking it. My GP recommended Ocuvite instead.

    P.S. I have also taken Centrum Silver Women’s 50+ for years. What ingredient or supplement or combination of those (in conjunction with the PreserVision) could be responsible for those side effects?

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