The pupil is the dark part of the eye. It is meant to dilate and shrink in different lighting conditions. However, in some cases, one might feel that one pupil (or both) is too large thereby requiring a way to make it look smaller. So, can contact lenses be used to cosmetically reduce the size of one’s pupil? Read on.

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Using Contact Lenses to Make Your Pupils Look Smaller

Can one use contact lenses to hide some parts of the pupil and thereby create the impression of having smaller pupils? Well, the answer is yes. These special kinds of contact lenses do exist or can be custom-made in special cases [1].

They typically have a smaller than normal allowance for the pupil with the idea being to create the appearance of smaller pupils that some people might find aesthetically appealing.

This, however, comes at a cost. A smaller than normal contact lens pupil can be disadvantageous in the dark when your natural pupil naturally dilates to allow in more light. It can reduce one’s vision in dimly lit areas.

For Persons with Unreactive Pupils

That said, for persons with unreactive pupils e.g., due to optic neuropathy [2], a contact lens with a tiny pupil allowance might help make the pupil look smaller without affecting one’s quality of vision. People who often associate smaller pupils with better looks might find such lenses advantageous.

Note: The decision to use contact lenses to make pupils look smaller should always be taken under the guidance of a licensed ophthalmologist. You are not legally allowed to order or purchase contacts without a prescription according to the law in the United States of America.



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