Heterochromia is a rare condition that affects less than one percent of the world’s population. It occurs when a person has differently colored irises or simply eyes that have more than one color.

In most cases, this condition is usually a result of genetics. But in rare cases, it can occur later as a result of a disease, eye injury, or use of certain medications. 

Generally, heterochromia can manifest in various ways, including complete, partial, and central. But what does each type mean, you are probably wondering? And are there any famous people with heterochromia?

Keep reading to find out this and much more about this unique condition.

Types of Heterochromia

Like we have already stated, there are many types and causes of heterochromia. These include:


This type of heterochromia means that one of the irises is a different color than the other one. For instance, one of the eyes may be brown but the other one blue in color.


This is where an infant is born with the condition or develops it soon after birth. Generally, kids born with heterochromia don’t experience other symptoms. Simply put, they don’t have other eye problems.


Central heterochromia occurs when the outer ring of your iris is a different color from the rest. As such, it is the most common type.


As the name suggests, this is when the iris has a segment that is a different color. As such, it is also known as segmental heterochromia or heterochromia iridium.

Top Celebrities with Differently Colored Eyes

Now that you know the different types of heterochromia, let’s check out some of the celebs with this condition.

1. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth Heterochromia celebrity
Image Credits: @katebosworth Instagram

When you think of celebs with heterochromia, Kate Bosworth is probably the first person that comes to mind. One of her eyes is blue and the other one is partially hazel with a mixture of amber, green, and brown. This means that she suffers from partial or segmental heterochromia.

Unfortunately, because of her condition, most casting agents and directors have made her wear colored lenses on many occasions.

2. Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood close up photos showing his heterochromia
Image Credits: @domsherwood Instagram

Dominic Sherwood is yet another well-known actor that has heterochromia. The up-and-coming star from Shadowhunters has one blue eye. The other eye is half blue and half brown, which gives him a beautiful stare.

3. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, a Hollywood actress, photo showing her differently colored eyes
Image Credits: Mila Kunis fan account Instagram

Just like Demi Moore, Mila Kunis has complete heterochromia. Her left eye is green while her right eye is brown. Apparently, she acquired this condition after suffering from chronic inflammation of the iris when she was a child. The condition left her blind in one eye for several years but her vision was finally restored in 2011. This happened after undergoing cataract surgery.

4. Demi Moore

Demi Moore in celebrities with heterochromia
Image Credits: @DemiMoore Instagram

The majority of famous people with this condition suffer from complete heterochromia. And Demi Moore has the same. If you look closely into her eyes, you’ll notice that one of her eyes is green while the other one is hazel.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
Image Credits: @benedictcumberbatch_221b Instagram

Just like Kate Bosworth, Benedict also suffers from partial heterochromia. However, his condition is a little bit harder to spot. The popular actor has both green and blue segments in both of his eyes. As such, depending on the light, his eyes may appear either green or blue.

6. Olivia Wilde

This long-time American actress and filmmaker has central heterochromia. The outer ring of her iris appears to be much darker than the inner ring. Generally, the ring around her pupils is icy blue in color, which gives her an otherworldly gaze. However, unlike some celebrities who acquired their differently colored eyes condition as adults, Olivia was born with heterochromia.

7. Jane Seymour

The beautiful Jane Seymour was born with heterochromia eyes. One of her eyes is blue or grayish depending on who you ask. The other eye is more of hazel in color and has some blue and gray segments. As such, from a distance, she appears to have complete heterochromia.


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8. David Bowie

Bowie suffered a traumatic event in his childhood. The event resulted in him suffering from heterochromia. His right eye turned blue in appearance while the left one remained a darker shade of brown. Also, the trauma in the eye resulted in the pupils being of two different sizes.

9. Alice Eve

The beautiful Alice Eve is an English-American actress with gorgeous and enchanting eyes. Her beauty is a result of her heterochromia. Ideally, one of her eyes is blue and the other green. One interesting thing, though, it took her boyfriend nine months to notice her mismatched eyes.

10. Awsten Knight

Awsten was born with heterochromia iridium. So, his left eye is a muddled grey-blue color while his right eye is bright green. In an interview, the popular singer admitted that he was bullied in second grade because of his different colored eyes.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are so many famous people with heterochromia. However, we recommend talking to your doctor if you notice a change in the color of one or both eyes. Your doctor may treat the condition if it’s caused by a health condition. But if not, then you won’t need any treatment.

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