Bananas are not only sweet, but they are easily available which makes them a favorite fruit for many people. That may leave one wondering if these fruits have any nutritional benefits and in particular Lutein.

This is because lutein is necessary for healthy vision and works to detoxify the body. Note that, the human body cannot produce lutein on its own so it has to be acquired through diet.

The Lutein Content in Bananas

Smiling bananas in the context of bananas and lutein content for eye vision

Yes, bananas do have lutein. In fact, a medium-sized banana fruit comprises beta-carotene and 26 mg of lutein. The former and the latter are two carotenoids that are known to support healthy vision.

Lutein is particularly known to help in preventing eye ailments like AMD that may lead to advanced complications if neglected.

How much Lutein is in Bananas?

There are different kinds of bananas including red and yellow bananas as well as plantain. When looking at the lutein content, the highest amount was found in the peel of plantain.

Do Red Bananas Have Higher Contents than Ordinary Bananas?

Red bananas are quite similar to the yellow kind. Both offer good amounts of dietary fiber as well as carbs and calories.

That said; the two banana varieties have several differences, for example, red bananas are higher in antioxidants, and contain more vitamin C.

You may also want to note that yellow bananas have a higher GI score compared to red bananas. In case you are wondering, the GI is a 1-100 scale that gauges how fast foods increase blood sugar levels.

Red bananas have a GI score of 45 while the yellow variation has a 51 GI score.

Final Thoughts

Bananas, especially the red kind come with a host of health benefits. They are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, and antioxidants. They also make great high-fiber but low-calorie additions to meals. Other than that, the nutrients in red bananas also improve digestive and cardiovascular health.

However, if you are looking to improve your eyesight by consuming more lutein, you will find it in green plantain peels.

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