Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and they are also a key feature when it comes to facial attractiveness. But as it turns out, having eyes that are close together can make a big difference in how attractive others perceive you to be.

Truly, your eyes are beautiful regardless of how close or far apart they are and to prove that, we are going to look at some of the most popular people with close-set eyes who are considered to be attractive.

You are going to stick around for that, aren’t you?

What Does it Mean to Have Narrow Set Eyes?

Narrow set eyes are a genetic trait that is passed on through generations. It has been thought for centuries that someone’s eye spacing would affect their intelligence, personality, success and even the way they related to other people.

The closer your eyes are to one another, the more likely you are to be perceived as trustworthy, friendly, and intelligent.

Essentially, narrow-set eyes have little or no space between the eyes. People with spaced out eyes have an easier time noticing details in their surroundings because there is a greater distance between their eyes and their field of vision is wider.

On the other hand, those with close-set eyes tend to pay more attention to detail and can become easily distracted by background noise when trying to focus on something at hand.

Are Close Set Eyes Attractive?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves, so naturally it has been researched. The answer is yes. People with close set eyes are perceived to be more attractive than those with eyes that are spaced far apart.

Is There a Way Them Look Wider?

Most people want their eyes to look bigger and brighter. This is why many makeup companies have come up with a way to help you achieve the look you want.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to make close set eyes look wider.

Step 1

Start by applying a light concealer under your eyes. Lightly dab your concealer on to your skin and then blend it in.

If you have dark circles, make sure to use a shade that is two shades lighter than the color of your skin.

Step 2

Next, apply a taupe shadow or an eye shadow that matches the color of your eyeshadow all over the eyelid area.

Use an eye shadow brush and lightly dab it into the eyeshadow to prevent any fallout onto your face.

Step 3

Once you have applied your base, apply a white or champagne shimmery cream highlighter on the inner corner of your eyelid for an instant brightening effect.

Stroke it across your lash line as well for added brightness. You can also apply some highlighter under the eyebrow arch for increased definition of the eye shape.

List of Celebs with Close-Set Eyes

Here are some of the celebrities with close set eyes.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw image showing her close set eyes
Instagram: @carriebradshawsc

Carrie’s eyes are the first thing you are likely to notice. Her eyelids are thin and set close together, and almost manly.

She’s sensitive about it because when she was in high school, a boy told her she could never be on television because her eyes were too small.

Her eyebrows are tinted to match her hair color and shaped into little arches to complement her heart-shaped face and Cupid’s bow mouth.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston eyes
Instagram: @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston’s eyes are close together and she has a large nose. She’s also beautiful, talented, successful, and pretty much every man’s dream girl.

She has beautiful almond shaped eyes with a slight crease which brings out their beauty even more.

This look is definitely for those with larger frames since it creates a delicate yet strong look. Smaller framed individuals probably wouldn’t be able to pull this off without looking like they are trying too hard to be cute…unless you have naturally larger eyes (like myself).

It’s also great for those who want to create an innocent, wide eyed expression paired with a nude lip, which is a common look with the actress.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus showing off her dazzling close-set pair of eyes
Instagram: @mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus may not be the most iconic celebrity in the world, but there’s one thing that makes her stand out from the crowd: her eyes.

Tiny, close-set, and cute Miley’s eyes are distinguishing. The unique look has been a staple in her photo shoots, performances and album covers.

But did you know that it could also be a sign of a rare medical condition?

Most people do not know that the pop star was born with a rare genetic disorder called Congenital Ichthyosis or “fish scale disease.”

The rare condition caused Miley to experience thick, discolored skin on her face, neck and upper body as an infant.

Her close-set eyes took a bit of attention away from that so that she didn’t feel as self-conscious.

Kristen Bell

Celebrity Kristen Bell close set eyes wearing glasses
Instagram: @kristenanniebell

Kristen Bell’s eyes are so close together, she can’t wear sunglasses. Her two eyes are so close together that she can’t see out of either side of her glasses.

Therefore, when she looks through her glasses, it’s like looking through one eye that has a magnifying glass on top of it. She can literally only see straight ahead and slightly to the left and right of center.

This is why Kristen always looks at things like the back side of her hand or the bottom of her chin or people’s throats when they talk to her.

Because she can’t see anything else, that’s where she thinks people are looking at.

This means Kristen Bell is never watching you while you’re talking to her and judging the quality of your performance, because she literally has no idea if you’re there or not.

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How to Choose the Right Glasses If You Have Close Set Eyes

Wearing the right glasses can help you look your best. However, if you have eyes that are closer together than average, you’ll need to take some extra steps to make sure that the glasses you choose work well with your facial features.

In order to select glasses for close set eyes, the following tips will be helpful:

1. The best glasses for close set eyes should feature wide lenses that measure 54mm or larger. This ensures that each eye gets the support it needs and also prevents them from looking squinty and smaller than they actually are.

2. Glasses with rounded edges also help to soften the appearance of close-set eyes because their shape creates a balance between the face and frames. Frames with thinner edges will also help to achieve this balance as well.

3. Choose frame styles that have a vertical transition from the lenses to the bridge of the glasses. This will help create an optical illusion making them appear wider apart.

Frames with larger lenses are also ideal for hiding close-set eyes. Additionally, brow line frames and rounder frames will work well just as well.

4. If fashion is your main priority, you might feel like you have to choose between looking good and feeling comfortable in your glasses.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find cute glasses with narrow arms and low nose pads so they don’t slip off the bridge of your nose while still fitting close enough that you don’t look like a bug.

It might take some time, but you will find frames that make you feel good about yourself and still look stylish.

5. Thick, heavy plastic used to be the default for eyeglasses frames, but this material can make tight-set eyes look even more squished than they already are.

Modern materials like titanium and lightweight plastic can give you a thinner frame without making your eyes look even smaller. If nothing else, these materials let light into your eye better

Final Thoughts

Close set eyes are when the eyes are closer together than normal. This isn’t a real medical condition but it is a common description of an appearance trait.

The reason this looks creepy is because your eyes have a universal spacing that is considered to be “normal” and anything outside of that is just plain strange.

However, as you have seen, some of the most popular models and actors have these eyes so it is nothing to be alarmed about.

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