Gray eyes make a beautiful and rare eye color. Generally, eyes that are rich in melanin usually appear darker. On the other hand, those with less melanin are amber, hazel, green, blue, or gray.

Now some people may refer to them as “grey” instead of “gray” eyes. Do not worry about that because it means the same thing.

That said, regardless of what appeals to you, there is probably a celebrity that dons a look that appeals to you. It could be the color of their hair, physique, or even their height.

Sometimes, it is the color of the eyes. Below, we will look at some of the celebrities with gray eyes and how this has worked out for them. 

Top 12 Famous People With Beautiful Grey Eyes

You probably don’t know many people with gray eyes. After all, less than one percent of people have this kind of eye color. So, here is a list of celebrities with this unique eye color.

1. Pink

Celebrities with Grey eyes

Pink is an American rock singer and she has blue-grey eyes. Looking at some of her photos, you will realize that her eyes are a lot bluer. But in others, they appear to be a bit toned down.

Sometimes, light-colored eyes are affected by the clothing worn by the owner or even the environment. That could be the case with Pink.

2. Jojo

Jojo Gray eyes

Joanna Noëlle Levesque, professionally known as JoJo, is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She has some of the most enchanting eyes because of their rare gray color.

Now, Jojo has Scottish, Irish, Polish, French, Native American, and English ancestry. Perhaps that has something to do with the color of her eyes. This is because gray eyes are common in Eastern and Northern Europe.


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3. Heather Graham

Popular celebrities with gray eyes

Heather Joan Graham is an American writer and director but is mostly recognized as one of the best actresses in Hollywood.

Just like Jojo, she has Irish ancestry, and we think that has played a part in the color of her eyes. That, coupled with her blonde hair makes her a great candidate for the big screen. Don’t you think?

4. Jai Courtney

Famous people with grey eyes

Jai Stephen Courtney is an Australian actor. He has gray eyes, and we cannot deny that he is one of the most attractive actors in the industry. The eye color with his brown hair makes a great combination.

Now you probably are wondering whether his captivating eyes actually played a part in getting him roles? Well, your guess is probably as good as ours.

5. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood gray eyes

Clinton Eastwood Jr. is an American film director, producer, and composer. He began his career acting in Rawhide, a Western TV series.

He plays roles that have made him a social icon of masculinity. Having lasted in Hollywood for a long time, he has inspired devotion from both female and male fans alike.

Want to guess why? His beautiful gray eyes certainly have something to do with it even at his advanced age.

6. Debbie Reynolds

Celebrities with different-colored eyes

Mary Frances “Debbie” Reynolds was an American businessperson, singer, and actress. Her acting career spanned over 60 years with her being nominated for the Golden Globe Awards twice.

Some of her other accolades include the Bundle of Joy, Susan Slept Here, and The Affairs of Dobie Gillis. One thing for sure is that Debbie was an attractive woman in her younger days. 

And even as she grew older, her looks remained. We think this is mostly because her beautiful gray eyes stood out.

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7. Bray Wyatt

Famous people with hazel-grey eyes

Windham Lawrence Rotunda or Bray Wyatt is a professional American wrestler. Currently, he is signed to WWE where he performs under two names based on the character he portrays.

Now, one of the most attractive things about him is his physique with all the muscles, biceps, and a six-pack torso. That said, we cannot deny that his grey eyes add to his good looks.

8. Vatsal Sheth

Grey eyes actors and actresses

Vatsal Sheth is an Indian model and entrepreneur. However, he is mostly known as an actor for having starred in many Bollywood films and television shows.

The man is a hunk for sure, and you can tell by the many female fans who adore him. Add his grey eyes to the equation, and you have the irresistible man that he is.

9. Greg Gianforte

Gregory Richard Gianforte has many titles under his belt. He is an American politician, businessperson, writer, and software engineer. 

He is currently the Governor of Montana (2021). Although he is a bit older, he does not perform badly in the looks department. You may not be the biggest fan of the Republican Party, but you cannot deny that this man has a set of beautiful gray eyes.

The best part is that the eye color blends seamlessly with the neutral-colored suits he usually wears.

10. Glenn Jacobs (Kane)

Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American author, actor, businessperson, politician, and professional wrestler. Not only is he the Mayor of Knox County, but he is also signed to WWE where he performs as Kane.

You probably have seen him in the ring where he usually performs with a mask. Do not let that fool you. Under that mask are some of the most amazing eyes you will ever come across.

11. Prince Andrew

The fact that he is royalty is attractive enough. But that is not to say that the Duke of York does not look good.

He has served in the Royal Navy as a pilot as well as the captain of a warship. His eyes are the kind that you would want to gaze into for a long time. Of course, the color has a lot to do with that.

12. Jesse Larson

Jesse is an American singer who rose to fame after contesting in the television show ‘The Voice’. Sure, he has singing talent, but we feel that his rare eye color played a part in propelling him to the top.

With his baldhead and eye color, he comes off as a laid-back ‘boy next door. Most people find this appealing. 

Final Thoughts – Are Gray Eyes Attractive?

There are many eye colors, but gray is one of the rarest and loveliest. Only a fraction of the world’s population has this eye color making it somewhat exotic.

The fact that gray eyes are the most attractive yet rarest links uniqueness to attractiveness. That is definitely a great recipe for a celebrity, no?

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