Wide-set eyes (also known as far set eyes) have long been a sign of beauty especially in the East, and looking at photos of celebrities with this eye shape, it’s easy to see why.

Wide-set eyes create an impression of innocence or purity that makes them very appealing and desirable. Far-set eyes are also said to be able to see more than normal-set eyes.

There are many famous people with wide set eyes. In this article, we cover some of them.

Actresses, Musicians & Models with Wide Set Eyes

1. Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward showcasing wide set eyes
Instagram: @Gemma

What you will probably love most about Gemma’s look is the bright-eyed sincerity that she has. The more you think about it, the more a sense of childlike wonder comes to mind.

The way her eyes are set makes you feel like she sees magic in everything, and the fact that she uses them to express such emotion will make you love her even more.

Most people would admit that the first thing they noticed when looking at Gemma Ward was her eyes. They’re just so…wide set. And so blue. It’s as if someone stretched them to the max, but then didn’t have enough plastic left over to finish the job.

They are an impressive sight, and when combined with her porcelain skin and that flowing blonde hair, they sort of remind you of a young Brooke Shields.

2. Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson
Instagram: @Lilydonaldson

Wide set eyes are an attractive feature of Lily Donaldson. Her large blue eyes and long eyelashes give her an innocence that draws the eye to her face. Her eyes are a little almond shaped and the distance between them is increased with the nose bridge being high.

The best thing about far set eyes is that they have a triangular shape when viewed from the side, which gives them a more open and charming appearance compared to narrow set eyes.

Wide set eyes are also more likely to be symmetrical, which again makes them appear more attractive and even more innocent than those that aren’t symmetrical.

Wide set eyes can be enhanced through makeup and hairstyles that compliment them best. Lily Donaldson wears her hair straight or wavy over one shoulder, with plenty of volume at the roots and length through the ends.

This style frames her face well, especially since she has a high forehead and close-set eyebrows that can otherwise detract from her far-set eyes.

3. Brandy

Brandy looking gorgeous with her wide set eyes
Instagram: @Brandy

Far-set eyes can be attractive, but also a bit scary. This is because it’s easier to show emotions in narrow-set eyes. Wide-set eyes are sometimes called “Brandy” eyes (after singer Brandy).

Brandy Norwood may not the most beautiful woman in the world. At least, that’s what the media would have you think. But there is no denying that her eyes are stunning and it’s all in the shape.

Brandy is a prime example of far set eyes–the kind that have a bit of an almond shape to them. This eye shape has a few things going for it: it looks great on almost every face, and it’s fairly easy to achieve with makeup (or without).

Far-set eyes are best when they’re in balance with your other features. For example, if you have a round face or a high forehead, wide-set eyes can balance out your features by making your face appear longer or wider respectively which is the case when it comes to Brandy.

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What Does it Mean to Have Wide Set Eyes?

If you have wide set eyes, they are farther apart than they should be. Far set eyes aren’t necessarily the same thing as an Asian appearance. Plenty of people with non-Asian ancestry also have far set eyes.

Tightly set eyes are a genetic trait that can be inherited from either your mother or father’s side of the family. On average, Asian people tend to have tighter eye spacing than people of European descent.

People with tightly set eyes typically have deep-set eyes, too. This is because the distance between their eyes and their eyelids is usually smaller than average.

If a person has both far-set eyes and deep-set eyes, he or she may look like he or she is constantly glaring or squinting.

Far set eyes can make someone look younger, because they haven’t had time to stretch out yet. They can also give someone a babyish appearance, which is why some adults choose to get plastic surgery to make their eyes more closely spaced.

In other words, if you have far-set eyes, it means that there’s a greater than normal distance between your pupils and your outer lids when you open your eyes as wide as possible.

Are Wide Set Eyes Attractive?

Wide set eyes are very attractive. They give the impression of innocence and pureness. The eyes are your windows to the soul and persons with wide set eyes are often regarded as friendly, honest, innocent, kind and caring.

The look that people get from these eyes is like an invitation to come closer or for accepting love and friendship.

Is There a Way to Make Far Set Eyes Look Closer?

Try these tricks to make your wide-set eyes look more evenly spaced.

1. Skip the eyeliner, because excess liner can make it appear like you only have one eye when you’re looking straight forward.

2. Apply a darker color shadow on your upper lids and a lighter color on your lower lids to balance out the appearance of depth in your eyes.

3. Use browns and gold tones rather than black or dark blues on your eyelids. These colors tend to blend with brown and blue eye colors better than other shades do, causing them to appear less wide set.

4. Try a soft smoky effect on your top lid, but keep it light and simple on your bottom lid to avoid making the space look even wider than it already is.

5. Keep mascara to a minimum as it draws more attention to your eyes and you do not want that. Do you?

Final Thoughts

Wide set eyes are a symbol of youthfulness and brightens up any face. They can make you appear younger and more open.

Because they’re spaced further apart, far set eyes can also give you a wide-eyed innocent look that immediately draws attention and commands attention.

They can also make your face appear slimmer if you have prominent cheekbones or a small chin.

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