Do you know anyone with downturned eyes? Or perhaps you are the one that has them. Well, the thing is that these kinds of eyes are also considered “bedroom eyes.” Some people find them attractive and inviting! Others consider them lazy.

Well, whichever way you view them, we’re confident that you’re find this article informative and eye-opening.

downturned eyes sketch

What are Downturned Eyes Like?

Downturned eyes are similar to droopy eyes, but with a specific difference – the lower eyelids hang down in a way that causes the eyes to look downward toward the cheeks.

This creates an eye shape that resembles teardrops, which can be referred to as “teardrop shaped” or “teardrop eyes.”

Downturned eyes often have a tired and sad appearance. The hanging tissue under the lower eyelid can cause bags to appear underneath the eyes.

Because of this, people with downturned eyes may have difficulty concealing dark circles or puffiness under their eyes; this is especially true if they are also near-sighted.

But overall, these eyes are considered sexually attractive. Typically, bedroom eyes are known for being heavy-lidded or appearing half-shut. They also look dreamy – something that makes people with them truly unique and memorable.

How to Determine if you Have Downturned Eyes

First, let’s talk about what “downturned” eyes actually mean. Downturned eyes aren’t the same as eyes that are turned down at the outer corners (which is a natural part of every face). Rather, they’re eyes that are shaped in such a way that you look dreamy, romantic, or even half-lidded.

It’s all about the facial structure. Often, when you have downturned eyes, you also have a very pronounced tear trough. That’s the area under your eyes where shadows typically form and can make your eyes look even more droopy than they naturally are.

To determine if you have this condition, you must check the position of your eyes when you are neither smiling nor frowning. If your upper eyelids are drooping, chances are you have downturned eyes.

Also, if you draw a straight line across the center of your eyes, the outermost side of your upper lid will be below that line if you have downturned eyes. People with other eye-types will have the upper lid sitting on this line or above it. Got it? See the illustration below.

downturned eyes sketch showing allignment

Are Downturned Eyes Attractive?

In order to answer this question, we have to first determine what constitutes an attractive eye in general. For example, some people prefer almond shaped eyes while others prefer round eyes. There isn’t really an accurate way to measure this, but there are studies that indicate which shapes are more popular than others.

Downturned eyes can be attractive on some people. Everyone has different preferences, and many find that they prefer people with a certain eye shape. For instance, some may prefer upturned eyes while others may like downturned eyes.

Tilted eyes are often a sign of youthful beauty and innocence. This is because most babies have their eyes at a downward angle. The eyes usually become more level as people age because of muscle and fat deposits in the eyelid area, as well as the brow line.

Are Downturned Eyes Rare?

Downturned eyes are actually quite common, especially among children and young teens. But unlike a crow’s feet or laugh lines, they’re not as well known or understood. That’s probably because they’re often subtle, so you might not notice them unless you look closely.

Researchers have found that upturned eyes are the most common type of eye shape — but how common is it for eyes to be downturned?

Generally, 18 percent of men and 32 percent of women have this eye shape. In some studies, researchers found that it was more common in younger people than older ones — if this is true, it may be because older people tend to develop a more pronounced brow bone and sharper outer corners of the eyes.

But here’s a caveat: Down turning isn’t just about the direction the eyelids point. It also has to do with the width of your eyeballs and the shape of your face.

If you have wide-set eyes — where your pupils are all the way on the outside corner of your irises — your eyelids will look upside down and turned down even if they aren’t.

The same thing can happen if you have an oval or oblong-shaped face.

How to Lift Downturned Eyes

There are several ways to make your eyes appear lifted if they are downturned. These include:


Exfoliating the skin around your eyes is an important step that will make the rest of the process more effective. This will remove dead skin cells that can make your eyes appear wrinkled and puffy.

You can use an exfoliating product you already have like a facial scrub or you can purchase a product made for the delicate skin around your eyes.

It’s best to avoid any products containing alpha hydroxy acids, which are too harsh for this area.


Another thing you can do is to moisturize your skin using a gentle moisturizer made specifically for around the eye area. Look for one that contains nutrients like vitamin E, green tea or chamomile that provide anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce puffiness. Avoid any products with fragrances because they tend to be too drying and can irritate sensitive skin around your eyes.

Applying a light layer of moisturizer will help keep your eye area hydrated and healthy so that it doesn’t appear droopy.

Use Makeup

If you have downturned eyes, then you may be interested in learning how you can use makeup to make them appear less prominent.

With a bit of contouring, you can easily make your eyes look less downturned.


You can also opt for plastic surgery to correct the appearance of your eyes if you would like to do so. Some procedures require minor incisions while others have the potential for both short-term and long-term complications such as infection, swelling, pain and even blindness.

Some women have opted for eyelid surgery to fix both shallow upper eyelids and hooded eyelids that are droopy or baggy.

However, there is no guarantee that this will help your downturned eyes look more appealing if you are unhappy with them after the procedure is over.

If you’re thinking about surgery to correct droopy eyelids, your surgeon will talk about possible risks and benefits with you beforehand.

Celebrities with These Eyes

Let us look at some of the most famous actors and actresses with downturned eyes.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and her beautiful downturned eyes
Instagram: @welovemarilyn

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful women to ever live, had Down’s syndrome

She was the first star to have a massive fan base and is one of the richest stars to live. She became famous from her beauty, but nobody knew that she had Down’s syndrome.

Marilyn Monroe had a very interesting face shape. Her eyes were cutely downturned. This explains why her bedroom eyes were and are still so popular out there.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes showcasing her gorgeous eyes
Instagram: @katieholmes

Katie Holmes has a classic case of down-turned eyes. Her upper eyelids sit on top of her eyelashes hence causing bags under her eyes. The excess skin and fat make her look tired and older than she really is.

Over the past few years, Katie Holmes has become known for her beautiful baby blues. But in 2009, something was different: Her eyes looked droopy and sad, and people couldn’t stop talking about it.

Trying to make sense of the change, they turned to a new source of information: Google. And they found something interesting.

When Katie appeared on the red carpet with Tom Cruise at the premier of his movie “Valkyrie,” it was clear that she had undergone some sort of plastic surgery. But what?

The answer? Botox injections. The injections stopped Katie’s facial muscles from moving, giving her a more relaxed look as well as smoothing out some wrinkles in her forehead and around her eyes.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore eyes
Instagram: @juliannemoore

It’s no secret that Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. But what might be surprising to some is that she has had some pretty large plastic surgery operations done to her face over the years.

Trying to make herself look younger, she has had Botox, facelifts, implants, and even chin reduction surgeries. What you might not know about is her eyes.

You see, Julianne Moore’s eyes used to be rounder and more youthful looking. Her eyelids used to be naturally droopy. But today her eyelids are tight and upturned.

She has had silicone injections into her tear troughs to make them appear bigger and more youthful. A natural way to achieve this look would be through upper blepharoplasty but apparently, she didn’t want that.

So instead, she got non-surgical fat injections in her tear troughs so they wouldn’t look as deep, since a deep tear trough can sometimes make one look tired or sad.

Final Thoughts on Bedroom Eyes

The reason we look into another person’s eyes when we’re interested in what they have to say to us is because we’re trying to interpret their emotions and facial expressions.

Downturned eyes are associated with love and attractiveness. And even though some think that such eyes make them look sad or tired, there’s no doubt that one can look really cute in them. Got bedroom eyes? Embrace them as they can make you truly unique and memorable.

PS: Is it just us or does anyone else think Mark Cuban’s eyes are somewhat downturned?

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