Imagine being born with a pair of beautiful but really unique peepers! That’s the story of Jane Seymour, a British actress who is a proud owner of multicolored eyes. Like it or not, Jane is really gorgeous and her eyes are truly iconic.

Granted, her differently colored eyes are not as shouting as say those of David Bowie and this is probably why most people are not aware of her heterochromia condition. You can only notice it on her well-lit up-close front-facing photos.

This article takes an in-depth look at the amazing Jane Seymour – the story behind her unique eyes, her views on self-love, and so forth.

What’s The Eye Color of Jane Seymour’s Peepers?

Jane Seymour close-up portrait photo showing the color of her eyes
Jane Seymour close-up portrait photo showing the color of her eyes. Image: @janeseymour Instagram

Jane Seymour has a condition called heterochromia. It is a condition associated with multicolored irises. To be specific, one of Jane Seymour’s eyes is blue in color but the second one is a predominantly hazel but with splashes of blue and gray.

One of her eyes that is partially hazel-colored is often mistaken for being brown-colored and for good reasons. Hazel-colored eyes bear close resemblance to brown ones because both have high levels of melanin and near-similar hues.

Hazel eyes, however, have a slight presence of green something that makes them slightly different from purely brown eyes.

Even more interesting, her hazel eye seems to have sectoral heterochromia. Also, the fact that she has one blue eye and one predominantly hazel one qualifies her as a person with central heterochromia.

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Does She Wear Contacts?

It is not unusual for celebrities to resort to contact lenses to make their eyes unique especially for certain roles. So, does Jane Seymour do the same?

Well one user raised this question via a comment on a post Jane had made on Instagram. The user asked “Do you wear contact (sic) when filming?” for which she replied “No, (the heterochromia) just jumps out more here (referring the photo she had posted).”

Jane Seymour response to an Instagram comment question about wearing contact lenses
Jane Seymour response to an Instagram comment question about wearing contact lenses

So, the simple answer for whether Seymour wears contact lenses or not is a no.

How Her Unique Beauty Has Influenced Her Career

Jane Seymour is a firm believer that folks should embrace their natural beauty. Rated one of the sexiest women alive, to Jane “sexy” means being comfortable in one’s own skin at every age.

The 71-year-old actress has been on record for refusing to undergo plastic surgery despite being in a career where the pressure to do so as one ages is always high. The Emmy winning film star prefers to stick to her natural beauty. Contrary to conventional wisdom, she has continued to land massive roles despite her age.

For instance, she landed the role Quinn Medicine Woman at 40+ years of age, at a time which most people expected her career to start declining.

Jane is beautiful, unique, confident, and talented – something that continues to propel her atop the highly competitive industry.

Final Take

Eternally elegant, ageless, and annoyingly svelte are some of the words that have been used to describe this actress. A mother of 4, Jane Seymour wears her differently colored eyes with pride and to this end, the world has no choice than to bow to her unspoiled beauty.

Her story is almost similar to those of Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis both who equally proudly live with heterochromia.

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